Veho launches Kasa Smart Lighting to enhance your everyday life

Southampton, UK. 20th June 2016 – Veho launches Kasa Smart Lighting to enhance your everyday life

Today Veho launched Kasa Smart Lighting allowing you to control lighting in your home through the power of your smartphone or tablet, helping to drive energy saving and improve security.

Kasa Smart Lighting is designed to be easy and cost effective to implement for the everyday user who wants the benefits of Smart Lighting without expensive and confusing technical infrastructure.

Just plug and play with Kasa Smart Lighting.

You can enjoy low energy adaptive LED lighting with the Kasa smart lighting Bluetooth wireless bulbs which include E26, E27, B22, GU10, E14 fittings and a 3M (10ft) LED adhesive strip light, then automate your home lighting wirelessly through the Kasa app for iOS and Android.

A Kasa smart lighting LED bulb will give you 15,000 hours of adaptive low energy lighting and has a cost efficient life expectancy of 15 years when used 3 – 4 hours per day.

In conjunction with the Kasa smart lighting app for iOS and Android you can enable a world of adaptive and creative lighting while automating you home lighting all through the power of your smartphone or tablet.

With white or yellow light hue and 16 million dimmable colours available, you can pre-set up to 32 bulbs in groups of rooms or moods so that you can control and adapt the lighting of your home environment at the touch of your smartphone or tablet.

Using the Kasa Lighting app you can define a 24/7, 365 day schedule of lighting for your home and even choose to dim your lights by schedule or turn your lights out by countdown, which is great for young children or when you are leaving the house for an evening.

“We are really excited to be entering the Smarthome and Smart lighting market with our Kasa range” said Veho Commercial Director Ben Vallance.

“We see a real opportunity to simplify Smart lighting by bringing to market a real plug and play solution for the everyday user but still giving all the cool benefits and cost efficiency of the more complex solutions”

To learn more about Kasa Smart lighting, watch the video here: Kasa YouTube

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